Book: The One Minute Millionaire

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I admit it, I’m a softy for self-help books.  I find most of the ones that I’ve read to be informative, inspiring and motivating.  The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen is a book about following “the enlightened way to wealth”.  This book is unique in that it is 2 books in 1 – a guide book and a novel.  Every other page of the guide book is a purple-bordered page of the novel.  For full disclosure:  I only read the novel thus far.  Intertwined with the novel’s plot are carefully placed lessons from the guidebook.  It follows the story of a recently widowed mother of two, who is broke and in need of a huge amount of quick cash to ensure she prevents her wealthy, yet conniving in-laws from taking custody of her children.  To achieve her goal, she follows the guidance of a master millionaire mentor.  I must admit that at times, the story’s twists and turns seem somewhat over the top, but I guess not too far fetched for reality.

In  addition to snippets of some very practical advice about money and real estate, one of my favorite things about this book is the author’s principled approach to wealth.  The 3 main principles are:

1.      Do no harm

2.     Do much good

3.     Operate out of stewardship.

The path to wealth is not meant to be a solitary one.  You always have help on this path.  Help from God of course.  But also, help from others in one form or another.  Thus, wealth is meant to be shared and used to make the world a better place while doing no harm on the path to attaining it – the path of the enlightened millionaire.

Have you read this book?  Do you have any enlightened millionaire advice?  Please tell me what you think below!



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